A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Descend into the Mouthed Cove with intent towards its destruction. Beware its horrors, accept the overwhelming fear.


W / S - Forward / Backward Thrust
A / D - Strafe Left / Right
Q / E - Roll
Hold Shift - Turbo
Hold LMB - Shoot Harpoon
Hold LMB & RMB - Reel harpoon in (Acts as a grappling hook when Harpoon is attached to Red Sea Sponge)
,  / . - Spin Periscope
F - Alternate Flashlight between Off, Low and High
Space - Place Bomb (In range of Support Pillar)
Hold Escape - Quit Game

Major Studio Fall 2020 Project I, based on Ocean Dive by @replex49

Gameplay Notes (If stuck or confused):

-If you're disoriented from a vortex or other accident, check your gimbal in the bottom-center of the screen to help right yourself.
-Avoid the Gaze of the Four Goatmen by hiding behind rocks, pillars, and other parts of the environment.
-Red Sea Sponges can be harpooned to grapple around the environment at speed.
-If you hear a child-like screech, it is a spawn umbilicaly attached to their uterian statues. 
-Arrows on your gimbal will point to  their location, and you can use your harpoon to end their pitiful existence. 

Authored by:

Leo Wang @Phive - Programming, 2D Art, sound design

Nate Smith @NWLSmith - Lead Programmer, writing, sound & sequence design and programming, Trailer creator.

Finn Carney @FINNJC - Lead level designer, lighting, sound design, 3D art

Abby Yaffe @Kirijo - Lead 3D Artist, writing, music, level design, "Queen Victoria" (chief executive arch programmer supreme)

And all of us were heavily involved in design as well.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsNate Smith, FINNJC, Kirijo, Yuanhao Wang
GenreSurvival, Adventure
TagsAdult, Horror, Survival Horror, underwater


Fathomless-W10.zip 198 MB
Fathomless-OSX.zip 198 MB

Install instructions

Windows 10: Unzip and click Submarine.exe


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i just asking, is this game just for windows 10? or this game can also work at win 7? 

sorry for my bad english

Hi! To be honest, I am not sure. We never tested on anything other than Windows 10 and Mac OSX. It may work though!