1 - 0steer left and right
8 - 9decelerate/accelerate

Original game was created in 1983 by Micromega for the ZX Spectrum.

An emulated version can be found here


Font: Mozart NPB by total FontGeek DTF, Ltd. via,commodore,monospaced

Explosion sound: 8-bit Explosion2.aif by timgormly via

All other audio is from the original game.


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Right off the bat, I think you do a really good job of replicating the original game's look, down to the UI and sprites. I love that you added the tank to the background, because it makes it feel more like a 1:1 clone. It feels a tad bit slower even at top speed which does hinder the experience a little but nothing that detracts from it in a major way.


Overall, a very faithful recreation. The visual style using a downscaled world to create an accurate pixel perfect look is nice. My main complaint would be the the movement feels a bit slow and choppy. Especially the rate of turning seems very low and it makes the game feel much less action-packed than the original.

Other than that small gripe the game seems pretty accurate to the original.


This was a really good clone and I loved how you made the game feel like the original, but added your own artistic touch to it. I don't have many complaints because I think this was easier to play than the original honestly? ( or I may be just getting used to playing all these death chase clones), but one thing that did seem off to me a bit was how fast the enemy bikers were moving and turning. The bikers didn't split too often while I was playing, but chasing them down was a pain because the turn speed of the player was kinda slow. Either way, I enjoyed playing through your clone. Good job!


Wonderful clone here! The audio has a wonderful feel to it, the slight adjustments to the biker sprites(?) as they change angle is really impressive, and the effects are all wonderful, from the particle explosion to the black screen sweep after death. The shooting does feel slightly inconsistent however, as sometimes my shots seem to lock on and others not. Equally, the slower turning speed and the bikers wavering patterns sometimes made them difficult to track and I lost them entirely on a couple of occasions. Most of the times these systems worked great though, and overall this is a really incredible recreation. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback! The enemies actually aren't sprites - they're 3d models with unlit textures captured with a super scaled down rendertexture

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This is an amazing clone, very true to the original! Visuals look great, and there's something endearing about the really grating audio (maybe thats just me though lol)

2 very small nitpicks. First, I think a life counter would be nice. From the lack of UI, I assumed you removed the mechanic of lives from the game. Was a bit of a rude awakening when I got a game over. Second is that it would be nice to create an area around the player on spawn where trees can't be instantiated. One night patrol, I spawned in and a tree was put directly in front of me. Even on the slower speed, it was impossible to avoid. I just had to take the death and reset, which felt kinda cheep.

Still, amazing job, a very polished final product even with the short turn-around time.

Oops! I messed up the upload - there actually IS UI, but it was hidden because of a weird issue. Thanks for the feedback too!


I really love the way this game looks and sounds! I especially love your missiles--the explosions they make are super satisfying. 

If I were to be a bit nitpicky, I'd say that turning either left or right feels a little slow. I struggled a bit during my playthrough because the yellow target kept going offscreen (to the right) and it took a while for me to turn to face them. So being able to turn a bit quicker might make the game feel a bit nicer! 

(I guess you could also make it so that the targets don't travel left and right as much, but I personally feel increasing turn speed is just easier.)

Otherwise, it's a great clone! It felt very polished.