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is this a turkish game?

No, this is Albanian only game.


Uwah... such an interesting game! If I may ask, are there multiple endings?

Yeah there are! Similar to reigns, there are endings for all the stats going too high/low, and then there is also an ending for getting to the end of "the fish friend monologue."

Interesting! Thank you for the info, i'll try to get the other ones :)

Curious where it's going but it stops working at  one of dr elglore smankoff's messages (maybe 20-30 messages in?)

sam.exe gets annoying pretty much immediately.

bit slow. skipping (VN style) would be great. And might allow testing for that bug I mentioned :D

Would you be able to describe the Elglore Smankoff bug in more depth? 

Also, by sam.exe, do you mean the friend on the couch?

Bug: after a lot of decisionmaking nothing happens any more. Didn't make screenshot, don't remember exacly when it happened, sorry.

sam.exe = synthed voice :)