What is this thing????

"On the Earth Shift :)" is a game about doing your silly job while your friend watches. Your silly job is "caretaking the Earth as your alien colleagues attempt to experiment on it."

Learn about your relationship with your fried friend as you attempt to stay afloat among your colleagues' requests.

Major Studio Fall 2020 project I, based on The Interuniversal Union for Conservation of Homo Sapiens by @ClaireW

Authored by:

Nate Smith @NWLSmith - Lead Programmer, writing, animation and sequence design and programming

Finn Carney @FINNJC - Environment designer, lighting, sound design, 3D art

Abby Yaffe @Kirijo - Main 3D Artist, writing, music, level design, "Queen Victoria" (chief executive arch programmer supreme)

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsNate Smith, Kirijo, FINNJC
GenreSimulation, Visual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Atmospheric, Funny, Romance, Story Rich


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is this a turkish game?

No, this is Albanian only game.


Uwah... such an interesting game! If I may ask, are there multiple endings?

Yeah there are! Similar to reigns, there are endings for all the stats going too high/low, and then there is also an ending for getting to the end of "the fish friend monologue."

Interesting! Thank you for the info, i'll try to get the other ones :)

Curious where it's going but it stops working at  one of dr elglore smankoff's messages (maybe 20-30 messages in?)

sam.exe gets annoying pretty much immediately.

bit slow. skipping (VN style) would be great. And might allow testing for that bug I mentioned :D

Would you be able to describe the Elglore Smankoff bug in more depth? 

Also, by sam.exe, do you mean the friend on the couch?

Bug: after a lot of decisionmaking nothing happens any more. Didn't make screenshot, don't remember exacly when it happened, sorry.

sam.exe = synthed voice :)