A one-button game for Major Studio (Fall 2020).

Use the space bar to skip a rock as far as you can.

Best experienced in full screen.

My high score is 1406, try to beat it!

Visuals inspired by Myst of all things.

Font: Neon Pixel-7 by Made by Style-7 via 1001fonts.com

Sand Normal Map: via https://www.filterforge.com/filters/2563-normal.html

Waves: Waves Up Close 2 by amdhoma via freesound.org

Water Slap: Slap_004 by jamesabels via freesound.org

Water Sink: Splash! by kwahmah_02 via freesound.org

Throw: Throwing / Whip Effect by denao270 via freesound.org


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The whole vibe about this game is so peaceful. I really like that there is no other background music other than the natural sound of waves and the wind.  

My only critique is that now the only way to tell how high the stone is above the water is by the timer. It would be nice if the stone can cast a shadow on the water, and player can judge can high the stone is base on the size the shadow. I saw that each time I bounced, the shadow appeared shortly, but it doesn't have any impact on the game play. So I think it would be nice if the shadow can be used as an indicator of height.

Overall I really enjoy this relaxing game! Nice work!


I really enjoy the beauty of this game, it reminds me of a meditative ios game, and the pastel colors really add to the calming affect. I enjoyed the sound effects of the stone as well. I felt a bit confused about where the stone was, and how I was supposed to time the jump/space button pressing to maximize the high score. I was also confused as to the purpose of the timer, was I supposed to want the time to be lesser or more? I was confused about this and tried to go back to the title screen to see if this was mentioned here, but wasnt able to. This is a bit of a nitpick, the game as a whole was very enjoyable! the only thing I would really recommend to change would be to add a shadow of the rock so the timing of the skip can be better calculated.


This is a really good idea for a one button game. Pressing the spacebar gives the right feel for skipping the rock and this is reinforced by the satisfying sound effects.  I love the art style of the game as it reinforces the relaxing feel of the game! Additionally, adding more visual elements to know when to press the button to skip the rock would be nice since right now its more of a press the button as close to zero dynamic. Also maybe making the distance a bit smaller because on the average attempt getting over a Km is quite the arm. hahaha but seriously an awesome game!


Hey Nate, this was really cool and chill! I ended up getting a high score of 2606. Really love the aesthetic you got going on with the entire game and the mechanic is really neat since it's playing with the player's patience in a way.

One nitpicky thing that bothered me while playing though was how the rock is elevated after the player successfully skips the rock. There doesn't seem to be much of noticeable difference until the max time the rock can be in air is 4s and I personally felt there would be a big difference between how high the rock goes when you have 9s versus when you have 6s but it's pretty small to be honest.

Besides that I think the game is at the right difficulty and feels fair. The game properly communicates what needs to be down to get better at it which I think makes for a successful game jam game.

Apologies for the rambling! TL;DR I liked the game, I beat your high score(I got 2606), and I personally think the rock's max height should vary a bit more every time it gets skipped on the water. 

Oh you beat my high score? haha thats great.....




jk thanks for the feedback! The height of the rock actually does change based on the skip distance, I think that with the pixelized and unlit shaders it's basically impossible to notice though.

lol no problem! And oooh yeah it might just be that


Hey Nate, this is so peaceful and enjoyable to play, I really am having a good time with it. I love the water shader you're using, especially with the little pink neon edge on it that adds a little bit more visual stimuli. I also love how it feels to skip the rock, the bounce on the water is exactly what I want when I press space and it goes back up in the way I expect as a player.

In terms of critique, I think I would spend a bit more time modeling the rock, or adding something into the game to pass by the rock as it goes forward, in order to continue to keep the player's attention while they're playing. I don't think such a thing would even have to impact score, maybe just a buoy or a seagull or something.