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Nate, I love seeing your games and what you come up with, they're always awesome. The AI for this is really well done, I think Terry moves really well and it seems like he always know when it's time for him to eat and refill on water. The music is really relaxing as well, it sets a nice mood and atmosphere. The only suggestion I really have is I would like to be able to move the camera around at fixed positions just to see the cage from different angles, and maybe a little ball or something for Terry to play with. Other than that, this is really solid.

Terry's AI is great! Feels very natural in its movements, and I enjoyed watching this guy run around! Some things I would suggest would be to spruce up the UI a bit, maybe make it bigger and designed to fit the feeling of the game better. And I would also like to see some way of playing with Terry.
Great job!

I love Terry! You did a great job with the dynamic movement and AI, it's really impressive! I'm also super glad you added a speed up button because I'm an incredibly impatient person (also because it's fun to watch Terry run around really fast). Also, I like that if Terry goes hungry, she doesn't die, she just gets taken away and you get reprimanded.

I saw that you said you were going to add some more features like playing and stuff, which I think is a really good idea, so I won't mention features you could add.

I noticed a few weird UI things while I played. The Feed and Come Here buttons light up when you mouse over them, but the Refill Water button does not. Additionally, once you press the Feed button it remains lit until you press the Refill Water button.

Other than that, I can't think of any notes! She's a wonderful little spider!

This game is sweet, the models and animations look fantastic! And I love how when you feed him you just drop a bug in there and he finds it and eats it himself - a lot more interesting than just directly increasing the food meter. The pixelation filter is cool, but might be a little much - its kind of hard to see, maybe turn it down just a little bit, but I like the idea of it.

I just wish there was more I could do with Terry. It'd be neat if you could like pet him, or give him toys or do tricks or something. Obviously, if you had more time. But this is a really nice little spider-sim you've got going on here !