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This is definitely better than DOOM. I loved the creativity behind this idea. You took this prompt to another level! The movement controls are very smooth. The only critique I have are the shooting effects. I didn't know whether or not I was shooting due to there being no projectile and effects on the enemies until I died. Other than that, you did a great job!

Hey Nate! This was a super impressive game!!! Not only on the idea but on a technical level too. My only feedback would be echoing what is already said here which is that the enemies take a really long time to kill and I found myself running out of bullets often, breaking the classic doom flow. But other than that this was super cool!!

I absolutely love that you made this, it's so so rad. I really love the music too, great choice!

I think some bigger visual/audio feedback when you fire would be nice, because I wasn't 100% sure I was shooting until I looked and saw the ammo was going down. Also, it's possible this is just a dumb unity/webgl thing, but the mouse sensitivity was crazy high for me, even when I turned my sensitivity all the way down on my computer.

The final thing is kinda nitpicky but I think that, since this game is like a DOOM parody, the enemy HP should be turned down. Enemies in the original DOOM are generally really easy to kill, and that's a big part of why it's so satisfying to just run around and kill those goons. I think making these guys die in fewer hits would make this game be like, a spot-on DOOM parody/clone/love letter!

This is incredible! You've managed to congeal all the disparate aesthetic of the assets into something that totally meshes and is really enjoyable. Special shoutout to the banana guns, you put a surprising amount of work into the different animations and feels and it totally pays off. My only small complaint is that at first I thought the sprite and eggs were enemies, possibly because of their size? I eventually figured it out but differentiating them a bit more might be ideal. Overall though this is again really incredible, not just as an asset exercise but in terms of actually making a really fun and balanced FPS. Great job!

Yo Nate! This is indeed better Doom! I love how closely it feels to the original. You were able to do so much with such little resources, it's frankly impressive! One thing I would say needs work is some of the game feel. At first, it was a little unclear whether or not I was shooting. The game could've benefited from some sound cues, but when your options are so limited, I think the game is as good as it could've been, especially with the time allotted. Good stuff!

This is great. You really turned such a strange prompt into such an amazing critique of games. Love memes of Doom. Who doesn't? I'm sure you'll be itch famous from this or something. Music fits perfectly.

Critique: wish it was easier to tell if I was hitting enemies or not. I also wish the walls had textures.